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History for a Haunting

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Thought I would share a post from my friend’s at Western Mass Paranormal.


Due to the remote and secure nature of Quabbin it would make a wonderful place to hide out if you could. There have been numerous reports of unidentified animal sightings. We are all aware of the reports of mountain lions, or cougars, but, what else could be wandering around in the woods? Some believe that there are Yeti, “Bigfoot” who have made Quabbin their home. Although no-one has managed to photograph one here, or almost anywhere else, it would be a haven for a rare and elusive creature we have yet to “discover”.

Among the documented accounts of life in the Swift River Valley there is much fodder for ghost stories. I will now tell you two sad accounts that may explain some of the vibes that people experience in the seemingly serene settings of QuabbinValley.

In Dana in 1809 on the 23rd of November Joseph and John Lindsey, who…

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Welcome to the new blog for Audball Enterprises!

The end of 2013 is coming to a close and I wanted to give the site a fresh direction for the new year.

I am Audra and Audball Enterprises is an entity that I have created to catch those things that fall through the cracks more of mainstream business.  I provide business efficiency consulting,  executive assistant services, personal time-management consulting / errand services, organizational assistance, writing and editing services, as well as other Aud-Jobs. This is only the beginning so stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

Please contact me at if you are in need of any Aud-Work.