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With the end of summer approaching it is time to start preparing for Fall!

Here in New England that means furnace maintenance, window insulating, putting away our summer duds and hanging up our sweaters again! With so many things to do it can be easy to forget to pick up that extra tote to store your patio linens or to call and schedule your fall tune up.

Here are a couple of ideas to help get your chores completed and keep on schedule!

I find writing a list of chores that need to get done in order of priority is helpful to keep on track. If lists aren’t your thing or you find you write them and forget them try using a calendar to stay organized instead. I keep a calendar especially for tasks. It is convenient to see the whole month in one glance and gives you an idea of what time frame you are working in.

I also use a color code system to make things even easier; purple for bills, green for chores, pink for appointments, etc. This way I can easily see how my week or month is shaping up. If there is anything that I feel is extremely important or that I am worried I may overlook, I highlight it!

“What about a digital calendar,” you may be wondering. Well, if tech is second nature to you and you feel more comfortable with one of the myriad of calendar apps available then Go For It! I would still suggest using different text or background colors to easily differentiate between types of activities and chores. I would also recommend taking advantage of scheduled alerts to make sure really important appointments and deadlines don’t sneak past you.

Good luck and happy scheduling!